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On 2021-04-23 16:11, panagiotis merakos via use-livecode wrote:
> Hello Andrew,
> The lesson was written and tested on a Mac. But yeah, on Windows, when
> trying to execute "sh /path/to/" either directly from the
> terminal or via the shell command using LC, it is expected to throw an
> error. You _might_ be able to work around this by changing the .sh
> extension to .bat if you are on Windows, and instead of "sh
> /path/to/" use "/path/to/send.bat".
> If I find some time I'll experiment with this and update the lesson 
> next
> week, unless you get there first :)

Unfortunately bash scripts are incompatible with bat(ch) - they are both 
'shells' but the latter is distinctly tied to Windows - so you'd need to 
translate the script from bash to batch. (There are windows builds of 
Curl that run on windows - they use exactly the same arguments / 

That being said, if you want a quick way to get UNIX style shell scripts 
to work - then you could install Cygwin and the commands used in said 
shell script (is it just curl?) - you can then run the shell script from 
the cygwin terminal.

Cygwin is basically a lot of UNIXy stuff compiled to run on Windows with 
an emulation layer for POSIX system calls mapped to Windows.

You might also want to investigate Microsoft's own relatively new 'UNIX 
on Windows' stuff - although I think that is restricted to recentish 
versions of Windows 10. There, they basically run a custom linux kernel 
on top of Windows to give you a Linux environment which interoperates 
quite well alongside Windows.

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