Failed to get the keychain item

toolbook at toolbook at
Fri Apr 23 07:13:10 EDT 2021



I am trying to notarize an app the first time.

I followed Matthias exquisite LiveCode guideline for codesigning and
notarizing and am using his nice helper tool.

I created an app specific password online in my Apple-ID account and put it
into the preferences of the notarize tool of Matthias.

I get the error:

Failed to get the password for the keychain item. The keychain item
"myPassword" was not found.


What am I missing? Or how do I have to import the app specific password from
my Apple account into my local keychain, so that the notarizing process can
find it? I didn't found a "download" and no hint in the documents.


Any idea?

Thank you





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