Changes to revsecurity.dylib in LC 9.6.2?

panagiotis merakos merakosp at
Wed Apr 21 14:17:46 EDT 2021

Also, I am not entirely sure but I think LC 9.6.2 rc-1 and above was built
with xcode 12.x, whereas 9.6.1 was built with Xcode 11.x. However, in both
cases LC was built against the macosx10.9 sdk.

Btw, the error msg and what you see looks similar to this report about
revzip, that's why I
suggested using entitlements when signing.


On Wed, 21 Apr 2021, 21:10 panagiotis merakos, <merakosp at> wrote:

> Hello Trevor,
> Are you using any entitlements when signing the standalone? Could you try
> adding the one that disables library validation?
> Kind regards,
> Panos
> On Wed, 21 Apr 2021, 21:04 Trevor DeVore via use-livecode, <
> use-livecode at> wrote:
>> This is a question for the LIveCode engineers. Did anything change with
>> how
>> revsecurity.dylib is built for LC 9.6.2 compared to previous versions of
>> LC?
>> I just built my application using LC 9.6.2 RC-5 in order to test. I'm
>> packaging the app with Levure, which uses the Standalone Builder. The app
>> works just fine when built with LC 9.6.1 RC 1 and it works in the LC 9.6.2
>> RC-5 IDE. The app also works when run on Windows. But when I run the
>> application on macOS encryption calls fails with the error "ssl library
>> not
>> found".
>> Looking at the Console logs on macOS I see this error
>> default 12:49:42.154433-0500 kernel
>> /Users/xyz/path-to-app/Contents/MacOS/revsecurity.dylib: Possible race
>> detected. Rejecting.
>> A search for "Possible race detected. Rejecting" lead me to this thread
>> where an Apple engineer asked if the file that was loading is "built
>> against a modern macOS SDK (10.9 or later)?" (there is no answer yet).
>> I'm going to do some further testing where I swap out the old
>> revsecurity.dylib and also try running the app prior to signing and
>> notarization. I'll provide an update once I am able to run those tests.
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>> Trevor DeVore
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