Changes to revsecurity.dylib in LC 9.6.2?

Trevor DeVore lists at
Wed Apr 21 14:02:56 EDT 2021

This is a question for the LIveCode engineers. Did anything change with how
revsecurity.dylib is built for LC 9.6.2 compared to previous versions of LC?

I just built my application using LC 9.6.2 RC-5 in order to test. I'm
packaging the app with Levure, which uses the Standalone Builder. The app
works just fine when built with LC 9.6.1 RC 1 and it works in the LC 9.6.2
RC-5 IDE. The app also works when run on Windows. But when I run the
application on macOS encryption calls fails with the error "ssl library not

Looking at the Console logs on macOS I see this error

default 12:49:42.154433-0500 kernel
/Users/xyz/path-to-app/Contents/MacOS/revsecurity.dylib: Possible race
detected. Rejecting.

A search for "Possible race detected. Rejecting" lead me to this thread
where an Apple engineer asked if the file that was loading is "built
against a modern macOS SDK (10.9 or later)?" (there is no answer yet).

I'm going to do some further testing where I swap out the old
revsecurity.dylib and also try running the app prior to signing and
notarization. I'll provide an update once I am able to run those tests.

Trevor DeVore

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