Bug? Specific binary character throws errors in scripts (even when commented out)

R.H. roland.huettmann at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 12:12:34 EDT 2021

I am reading binary data from a .LNK file on Windows 10 using LC 9.6.1.

There is a character that looks visually like a dot ".", but it is not, and
using the chartonum() function or placing it in a script (even when
commented out) results in an error message. The whole script will not work
and be interpreted.

I overcame the problem using this fragment in my parseSymbolicLink()

...put URL("binfile:"&pFilePath) into tContent1
...put binaryDecode("a*",tContent1,tContent2)
...repeat for each char tChar in tContent1
.....put chartonum(tChar) into n
.....if n > 31 then put tChar after tContent3
...end repeat

But nevertheless, it made me be curious.

Also, probably everyone has seen this, sometimes, especially in list
fields, characters scramble up in one place and become unreadable, this
happens with some characters it seems, but also just with usual ASCII in
long strings. It happens from time to time and I see it at least for the
last 10 years...

Are there such codepoints/characters that are known to stop the system from
working in a script and using any function on them?


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