Coming back from the past...?

Pyyhtiä Christer christer at
Sun Apr 18 14:31:35 EDT 2021

The last developments I did was back in 2016 - five long years ago, using Indy.

Just for fun, I did a fast research and found out that there still might be market opportunity for the app I worked on. 

Trying to find out what’s new since 2016:

-	major developments in LC?
-	status in target adoptions, iOS vs Android, WEB adoption (Android was clean, Apple painful, HTML not there yet) in 2016?
-	Apple vs Google support & ease of use status (Google piece of cake, Apple very painful)?
-	cloud i.e. On-rev availability, compatibility with mobile engine version (not fully compatible)?
-	major restrictions & obstacles in publishing for Apple & Google (continuous tax changes in charging)?

Pyyhtiä Christer
christer at

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