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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Apr 17 13:21:00 EDT 2021

David V Glasgow wrote:

 > On 16 Apr 2021, at 4:17 pm, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Is the metadata["density"] settable?
 >> I haven't used it so I can't say, but given how snapshotting works
 >> I'd be surprised if it lets us control the pixel density of LC's
 >> imaging buffer. My hunch is that it's there to inform other programs
 >> which may be used to display the image. I'd love to be wrong on that.
 > Hmmm maybe I have just completely misunderstood. The parameters
 > dictionary entry for export snapshot says:
 > metadata	array:	The metadata is an array of metadata. Currently
 > the only key supported is "density" with a value in pixels per inch
 > (ppi).
 > no mention of a metadata array

What did I miss?

The formatting of some Dict entries are still being tidied for Browser 
display so I sometimes overlook details there.

 >>> are temp folders always available irrespective of the severity of
 >>> security restrictions which might be imposed?)
 >> Good question. I don't know; I'd always had the impression that tmp
 >> is a sort of free-for-all where sensitive data is understood to be
 >> inappropriate.  Maybe modern systems sandbox tmp by app?
 > Thanks for the information Richard, I will just have to try it out I
 > guess.  Maybe at the weekend.

Please keep us posted with what you find.

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