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On 4/16/21 11:48 AM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode wrote:
> Thanks, anyone knows how big the icon needs to be?
> Maybe even several icons in one file like the ICO files on Windows?

You can use any size you like and Android will scale it as needed. I used to use 96px because 
that was about as large as most phones would need, but I see that my last app used 1024px due 
to higher resolutions on newer devices. However, that app used a different type of icon.

That's because Android has switched to bundled icons similar to iOS; they call it "adaptive 
icons". This takes some doing but Panos has outlined the instructions in a bug report here:


This icon format is now required for submissions to the Play Store (or soon will be, I can't 
recall) and it does make icons look better. You need to create the base files in Android 
Studio, then make the changes Panos describes. On the other hand, if this is just for you and 
your client, you can use a single PNG at any size, at least for now. Future versions of Android 
OS may no longer support the older icon format.

Congratulations on your first mobile device. Welcome to the new world. :)

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