Android Barcode Scanner widget

Klaus major-k klaus at
Fri Apr 16 07:58:21 EDT 2021

Hi all,

a problem with the barcode sacanner on Android.
I have this script:
on barcodeDetected pBarcode, pID
   put pBarcode["raw value"] into tBarCode
   ## It definitively works
   answer tBarCode
   ## This works, too, fetch data from a good ol' lookup table:
   put tierinfo(tBarCode) into tData
   answer tData

   ## So tData is NOT empty, just a TAB delimited line of text
   if tData = EMPTY then
      exit to top      
   end if
  ## The rest is never executed :-/
   mobileVibrate 1
   lock screen
   set itemdel to TAB
   set the icon of btn "bild" of grp "tierinfo" to item 3 of tData
   put item 5 of tData into fld "name" of grp "tierinfo2" 

   ## Hide the widget
   hide widget "barcoder"

   ## Show button "scan again"
   show button "neuscannen"
   put item 5 of tData into tSound
   unlock screen
   if the environment = "mobile" then
      play (specialfolderpath("resources") & "/" & tSound)
   end if
end barcodeDetected
However it does not vibrate nor is the rest of the script is being executed.
What am I missing?

Thanks for any hint.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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