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Klaus major-k klaus at
Fri Apr 16 06:23:31 EDT 2021

Hi friends,

the docs are quite sparse on this, or did I miss this?
But I already found that we need a 48*48 pixel png 
(really that small?) for an icon for our android apps.

But what about the "splash"?
What do we need to supply here?

Or ist is enough to "fake" a splash screen with the first card of the stack?

Know what I mean? 
App opens shows the first card as a "splash" screen and then automatically 
goes to the next card, which is the actual application.

Thanks for any hints!

Yes, I bought me a used Samsung Galaxy J7, my first cellphone ever,
and I am currently making my first steps on mobile.

However the phone is just for testing with LC, I do not intend to actually 
make phone calls with it. :-)

What I can say so far is, that the "Android Barcode Scanner" widget is really,
really fast in scanning e.g. QR-codes. It recognizes the code before we can 
actually see it sharp- and clearly in the preview of the widget. :-D

Now I have to find out how to pass the APK to a customer of mine without
the use of the Google Play Store or something.

Unfortunately my customer does not have a 64bit version of Windows, so
installing "Android Studio" (64 bit only!) is not an option.
I tried all available hints on the internet***, downloaded it and the phone asked
me if I want to install that thing, I clicked YES and after a second I see:
App was not installed (or what this tells in english)

***"Unknown software" etc...

No dice so far.

I will find a way... :-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

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