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David V Glasgow dvglasgow at
Fri Apr 16 05:43:34 EDT 2021

Hi Livecoders,

I have been thinking about offering snapshot image density options on an app which currently only offers (import) snapshot size options.  I chose import snapshot script variant because users’ machines may well react badly to an attempt to save an image (security).  However, most of the software they use will allow a clipboard image to be pasted into a record.

First question:  Is it right that import snapshot doesn’t offer image density options as export snapshot does?  If that is correct, (it is what the dictionary on 9.6.0 shows) question the second….should I just export to the temp folder, immediately import, copy to clipboard and proceed as before?  Or is there a more elegant route?  (I suppose there is also a question 2.5, are temp folders always available irrespective of the severity of security restrictions which might be imposed?)

The density options I want to offer are 

Screen (96 DPI)
Print  (300 DPI)
Publication (1000 DPI)

3rd (double barrelled) question… Would the correct syntax to set up for publication density be

'put 1000 into snapshotArray[“density”]’  

and then to actually capture…  

'export snapshot from objectref with metadata snapshotArray[“density”] to file “SeeSR.png" as PNG

I would investigate myself if I had the time, but sadly I also have to earn a living through my day job.

Best Wishes,
David Glasgow

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