Positioning object in a loclocked group

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Apr 15 12:07:30 EDT 2021

Klaus Major wrote:
> I have a group set to 600*600 pixel and loclocked.
> Inside of the group there are two invisible objects, 
> a button and a graphic.
> Now if I:
> ...
> create btn "b1" in grp "THE group"
> ## and
> set the loc of btn "b1" of grp "THE group" to whateverX,wahteverY
> ...
> where whateverX and Y are definitively inside of that group!
> Then the button stays however in the topleft corner of the group.
> Even moving the button some pixels to right or down does not work.
> Why, oh, why? :-)

This is counter to my experience, but I may not be understanding the issue.

If you have a simple sample stack that evidences this, I can take a 
moment tonight to poke around and adjust the properties to set it right, 
and report back what was needed.

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