On the dangers of automated refactoring

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Tue Apr 13 11:37:18 EDT 2021

I find revRefactor (which adds a Refactoring sub-menu under the Edit 
menu of the IDE Script Editor) to be a tool that I personally would like 
to see better integrated into the IDE. This plugin was done by Mark 
Wieder and is not an official part of the LiveCode IDE, but it is one 
place, I would very much like to see the mothership either expand on 
Mark's or roll their own, but integrate similar refactoring capabilities 
into the IDE. For example, I frequently forget what some of the menu 
items do and there is no easily accessible built in documentation like 
for much of LiveCode in general. I'd like to see it be more visible - 
its own menu in the script editor or elevated in some way. I have on 
occasion forgot I have it installed and manually renamed a handler when 
revRefactor can doing for me in a few clicks. The "Find Orphan Code" 
feature is really great, but there is not spinning busy cursor or 
progress indicate. Once when running on a old, large code base, I 
thought revFactor had hung as it took so long to display the results. 
I'd pay more for my business license to see these integrated into the 
business edition.

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