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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Apr 11 12:29:58 EDT 2021

Writing as someone who has had the extremely dubious honour of being 
banned more than once . . .

How does it go?

To err is human,
to forgive is divine.

And if there is anyone on this use-list who has not rubbed someone up 
the wrong way at least once I would be very surprised.

Live, Love, Learn . . .

Oh, cripes, that makes me sound like an unreconstructed hippy.

Love, Richmond.

On 11.04.21 0:41, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode wrote:
> Charles:
>> Please do not ban anyone.
> Somehow that struck me as a pure and beautiful sentiment!
> Short and simple. It grew on me during the list silence today.
> We can be punitive, or else help each other as we imperfectly stumble.
> I'd hate to see the entire list hurt for the sake of a careless word;
> and that is what would happen. Because weighing the pros and cons,
> we lose more than we gain as we dwindle in number and viewpoints/skills.
> Here, please allow me to do the honors:
> Sorry. Deepest apologies to one and all.
> And again sorry.
> May those who are offended find healing and forgiveness.
> May love prevail in all our interactions here and elsewhere.
> Hope we can move on. So many LC matters to discuss. Have a good weekend!
> Best wishes,
> Curry Kenworthy
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