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Fri Apr 9 04:31:45 EDT 2021

Oh my word. That went downhill really fast, while I was peacefully sleeping.

Folks. Never, ever, post politics on this mailing list. Do NOT exchange abuse. This is a place to discuss LiveCode, in a helpful and friendly fashion. If someone offends you, the best response is silence. If you must, please email me to ask for redress.

I really truly do not want to ban anyone, all the posters in this thread have provided interesting and useful information in the past. However, if I do not see apologies from Sean and John Balgenorth as their next posts I will ban you both. I'm not looking for justifications, explanations, or any continuation of this thread. Two simple apologies and move on. For the avoidance of doubt, you are not apologising to each other. You are apologising to the list for posts that have offended quite a large number of people.

Thank you.


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> If a post is offensive, delete it.
> If a poster is frequently offensive, add a filter to have it delete automatically.
> May we please discuss LiveCode?
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