Find Replace in Script Editor with cr

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Thu Apr 8 11:23:39 EDT 2021

Hi all,

It's gotten out of control, hasn't it. If you are told not to put your hand
in the snake pit and you still do and get bit, it should come as little
surprise to such a person that they get referred to as stupid, in the true
English meaning of the word.

I had asked specifically not to add in this kind of irrelevant nonsense and
to stay on topic. Just to answer the question asked specifically and

I am happy for you all to block me and not respond to my posts if you so
wish. I only rant at those who really deserve it based on their attitudes
towards hijacking threads and stupidity. I've helped and continue to help
plenty of people here in good manner. And I hold no grudges against any of
you. I help all discriminatorily. Even JB who told me to place my wang up
my own poo hole and do the dirty. Nice! He would probably never need my or
anyones help as he already knows everything to root level anyway.

Besides, this only ever happens in my own threads. Anyone elses I would be
respectful on as I would want them to be on mine. This is a community but
still contains some level of ownership individually.

Bob, I know you can't read this, but I don't rail against all people. Only
those who go out of their way to disrespect my specific requests and those
who demonstrate it and then get upset when I call them out for it. What has
happened on this thread was, if you look back over it, is completely
disrespectful to me before I got provoked into retaliation. If you don't
poke the lion, he won't turn around and bite you. It's that simple. Anyone
who can't get that must be a moron (a medical term denoting an adult with a
mental age of about 8-12) as mentioned.


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