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Tue Apr 6 05:47:34 EDT 2021

I haven’t been following this subject that close so I could be missing
completely with my answer, but when writing code in C or C++ the
/n is simply a  / and n characters not a carriage return.  The \n is
used for a new line which is a carriage return.  If I am missing the
point just ignore the post.

Forward slash n (/n) does not make a new  line.
Back slash n (\n) does make a new line.


> On Apr 5, 2021, at 10:28 PM, Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Bob, Regex only appears to operate on the read of the text, so
>    ;
> in the *find* field will locate all of the places a semicolon is found, but
> putting
>    /n
> into the *replace* field will not replace the ; with a cr
> Brian, The project is huge and I don't yet have the time to invest in
> porting it all to github just yet. As it is I have created my own simple
> regex text operator that I copy/paste the script into.
> Richard, I've tried in the Find, Find and replace of the script editor and
> the Find/Replace from the main menu. I can't seem to place a carriage
> return (or line feed or whatever) into the replacement field. This is what
> I am trying to achieve. Replace ";" with "cr" in myScript. I can do it in
> code, but not from the find/replace windows. :(
> Sean
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