WebAssembly and HiDPI scaling for HTML5 when ?

Rolf Kocherhans rolf.kocherhans at uzh.ch
Sat Apr 3 07:54:55 EDT 2021

Hello LiveCode Engineers

I am very patiently waiting for HiDPI scaling and WebAssembly
to be incorporated into HTML5 in LiveCode.

Looking at the Git pages it seems to be already ready for a very long time ?


Do you have an estimate when you will be able to release LiveCode 9.7-dp-1 to public ?
It has been in development for almost 1 Year now.

I would like to push HTML5 development on my side, but the "blurry appearance“ of
the published stacks with the low resolution is stopping me because it looks very
unprofessional for 2021.

Please put a little more resources into HTML5 development it would be a real
winner for the whole Platform.


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