Converting from unicode to ASCII

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Sep 23 10:16:17 EDT 2020

On 9/22/2020 6:48 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> I have a stack with an index. When a user clicks a line, a handler 
> uses the clicktext to create a file name which is always the clicktext 
> plus the ".livecode" extension. The stack is then downloaded from an 
> AWS server and displayed.
> We are now translating some stacks to other languages which require 
> unicode text. AWS recommends not using accented characters in file 
> names, so we need to translate the clicktext into plain ASCII.
> Is there a good way to do that without using a lookup table or 
> metadata? The file names doesn't need to make sense syntactically. For 
> example,
>    l’Académie française -> lAcademiefrancaise.livecode
> ...or similar, whatever works. The user will never see the file name.

You should probably use the same model as LiveCOde uses to match files 
names returned from the files(<path>"detailed-utf8") function:




For what your doing, I think that using:

urlEncode(textEncode(<accentedListName>,"utf8")) -> gets <filename>


textDecode(urlDecode(<filename>),"utf8") -> gets <accentedListName>

should be enough.

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