Livecode and GPU's

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Thanks Jim - works a treat. Didn’t think this one would be possible.
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I can now use this technique to layer elements over things such as the browser widget, of player object when playing streaming video. It’s relatively fast so for instance typing text in the field and exporting a snapshot with each letter types works acceptably.

Graphic processing of live video layers
Out of interest why does live streaming video to a player object or other tools (camera control or browser widget) draw directly to the screen? I understand this will be faster, but with modern gpu’s other applications do amazing things. Does anyone know if this is a complex thing to do in terms of coding - or is it just a choice made by developers thinking that layering of things like video is not something many people want to do?

Livecode and GPU's
I’ve noticed in these tests that Livecode is not using any GPU’s for doing these complex graphic tasks. I have Activity Monitor open and a couple of CPU cores are being used but none of the GPU’s. I’m wondering if this is an issue for speed, and what is involved with taking advantage of the capabilities of GPU’s in the code we write?

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