ANN: Zygodact 2.0.1 update available

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Sep 4 15:23:50 EDT 2020

Zygodact is an easy way to add serial key registration to standalones. Version 2.0.1 is now 
available at no cost to currently registered users. There are many new features, so please read 
the revised documentation included with the download. Also, the most annoying bug has been 
fixed, and now pasting a serial key into the dialog no longer causes issues.

Interested people can read more about Zygodact here:

Registered users can download the latest version here:

Changes in Zygodact 2.0.1
* Signed and notarized app for Mac Gatekeeper
* Updated to 64-bit on Mac

Changes in Zygodact 2.0.0
* Supports a single custom character in a hex key. This allows an app to branch its feature set 
depending on which character is assigned.
* Added compatibility for Android standalones. Caveat: Due to Android OS limitations, Android 
use isn't as secure as the desktop version.
* Added compatibility with iOS. This should NOT be used for App Store submissions, where Apple 
will reject it, so it's probably of limited value. It only works if the script sends "zygodact" 
to the register stack after a short delay; 1 tick seems to be enough.
* Added compatibility with mobile platforms in the Generator stack in case you want to compile 
it into a standalone in order to create serial keys from a mobile device. This is not 
compatible with previous versions.
* Added an "Email key" button to the generator stack. Works on all platforms including mobile. 
It launches the default email app and puts the User Name and Serial Key into the body of an 
otherwise blank email. You must supply the To: address, subject, etc.
* Added email templates. If there is a folder named "templates" in the stack folder (or 
resources folder on mobile) the template is merged with the key code data for emailing. Added a 
version check on preOpenCard in the Setup app. If a newer version is available, Zygodact offers 
to go to the download page.
* Added a check to avoid overwriting a set of files to a folder where older files already exist.
* Fixed the bug where the Register button did not enable when pasting a serial key.
* Updated documentation. Please read for more details.

NOTE: New registration stacks created with version 2.0.1 are not compatible with older 
versions; that is, you can't replace the Register stack with a newer copy without also sending 
the user a new serial key. If this is a problem, please contact me privately.

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