Livecode server UNIX version (not Linux).

doc hawk dochawk at
Sat Oct 31 19:33:08 EDT 2020

heriberto harrumphed

>    3) Today's macOS is descended from NeXT (which Apple acquired and transitioned macOS to in 1999)

And they got a free Jobs to go with it!

Or did they buy a Jobs, and get a free OS.  I’ve never quite been clear . . 

>  6) The Mach microkernel was replaced with the Appel XNU hybrid kernel

Ooh, I missed that.

> 1) It seems we can run a Livecode headless binary on BSD using the Linux compatibility layer. Is that so?

I’m pretty sure that I ran 5.5 both headless and X under FreeBSD.

Come to think of it, I believe there are multiple threads in the archives, probably mid 2012, from when I was asking questions about it.  In there would be some discussions as to how far it gets in startup before bouncing off of X when not using headless.

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