mergeJSON on server problem

David Bovill david.bovill at
Sat Oct 31 15:21:27 EDT 2020

Thanks Mark - I may give fastjson a go.

I tracked down the problem to the "\u00a0” unicode character in the json I fetched, which was causing mergeJSON to fail. This hack fixed the issue in a temporary way.
	replace "\u00a0” with empty in episodeJson -- hack to remove "¬"

Any thoughts on safe encoding of data I fetch fro jsonrpc calls so that it plays nicely with Livecode?
On 31 Oct 2020, 18:29 +0000, Mark Wieder via use-livecode <use-livecode at>, wrote:
> On 10/31/20 10:27 AM, David Bovill via use-livecode wrote:
> > I use mergeJSON to move back an forth between json and arrays for web services. It’s currently failing when I fetch json data from another source on the Ubuntu server, while the same code and data works on MacoS - presumably due to some encoding issues.
> >
> > It’s a large amount of data and I can’t debug where the issue is easily. Maybe I can use jsonImport/Export on the server? Not sure. Any thoughts?
> Is this any help? Hard to tell without knowing what's failing.
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