Livecode server UNIX version (not Linux).

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Oct 28 23:06:59 EDT 2020

Heriberto Torrado wrote:

 > So, here is my idea: What about to create non official versions of
 > Livecode server (for scripting purposes) for other platforms not yet
 > supported?
 > I think it could be good for RunRev: They won't have to work
 > supporting those versions and Livecode language will spread to other
 > fields.
 > What do you guys think? Do you think we'll have enough manpower into
 > our community to do that?

Raspberry Pi, w/ Raspbian or other Debian-based Linux (Linux ARM).

Home servers, school labs, IoT, and so much more - all currently lost to 
us by not having a build for that engine.

The last build was an experiment done by a team member no longer with 
the company, for LC v7.1.

If you could update the Server edition to v9.6 we could at least have a 
modern version to work with for faceless applications, and any remaining 
work for the GUI side would likely be relatively small (certainly 
smaller than one person trying to knock it all off by themselves).

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