Livecode server UNIX version (not Linux).

Pi Digital sean at
Wed Oct 28 20:38:47 EDT 2020

It’s a great idea. How do you propose it be handled? Assuming this is a build based on the current system it will likely have to be compiled in Linux as the obvious choice. Do we have anyone with the appropriate skills in coding C to look into the various server platforms to be compiled for? Someone with enough time and resources, knowledge and energy? 

If so, why aren’t those people helpful enough to fix what we already have? 

[Get’s off soap box (for the time being)]  ;) 

Here’s my take (for what it’s worth). Although Unix is used in 71.6% (source: of all known websites as of today and Linux only 29.0%, at least we have ‘a’ distro that works on some server. Like you, I’m currently using a CentOS web server with LC happily. But the clincher has to be that currently FreeBSD has no support for Dell,HP or IBM servers. The only advantages to having FreeBSD is a teeny bit better security, tiny performance improvement and have it in a fully fledged OS instead of just a kernel. Is it worth anyone’s time and effort building for those ‘advantages’?

Seriously, if anyone was considering doing this, please..., please, reconsider and put your efforts and talent into fixing what we already have. It would be far more beneficial to a much greater community population. 

All the very best. 

Sean Cole
Pi Digital

> On 28 Oct 2020, at 19:53, Heriberto Torrado via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> So, here is my idea: What about to create non official versions of Livecode server (for scripting purposes) for other platforms not yet supported?
> I think it could be good for RunRev: They won't have to work supporting those versions and Livecode language will spread to other fields.
> What do you guys think? Do you think we'll have enough manpower into our community to do that?
> Best,
> Hery

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