Slightly OT: Windows Code Signing

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Oct 26 13:32:24 EDT 2020

My Windows Code signing cert for signing LiveCode standalones has expired.

I purchased it from (3 year) which has become 
and it appears that they never moved over old accounts since my prior 
username, email, and password do not work nor does the email work for 
password recovery.

So I bought a new one from (which turns out is also Verification was quick and automate - no problem.

Now my cert is ready, but the download/install instructions requires 
Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox 68 or older (Firefox is at version 82 
and Microsoft Edge is what comes with Windows 10 not Internet Explorer 11

Their support documentation is conflicting and terrible (IMHO).

It is not too late to cancel the order and buy elsewhere. Does anyone 
have a recommendation for a supplier of Windows Code Signing certs that 
have a simple and straight forward process for buying AND getting the 
.p12 file you ultimately need for code signing?

This is kind of urgent since we are unable to sign until we get a new cert.

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