DG outcomes on desktop vs mobile

Andrew at MidWest Coast Media andrew at midwestcoastmedia.com
Fri Oct 23 08:19:21 EDT 2020

This happened to me, twice, in a project I just launched. I was in crunch so didn’t have time to properly document but something happened where the DG wasn’t loading. I could take the same dgData or dgText and load it to another DG fine. Being on mobile made this harder to debug because even with Remote Debugger I would still have to compile and launch to the simulator each time I tried a tweak.

Because I was up against a deadline and since I wasted several hours trying to troubleshoot I just replaced the DG with a brand new: everything worked. Didn’t even bother to troubleshoot the 2nd time it happened, just immediately made a new DG and moved on.

Not a definitive answer to your question but an acknowledgement of your problem.

—Andrew Bell

> I'm building an iPad app that reads a bunch of files into an array and 
> then sets the dgData of a form DG to that array. The array is 
> well-formed for DG use. After setting the dgData of the DG, the result 
> is empty. Only one problem: the DG now contains no data. (I also tried 
> setting the dgText of the DG to a flat version of the same data and got 
> the same outcome.)
> I can then create another array from custom property data and set the 
> dgData of the same form DG to that array and it works.
> On the desktop, however, the same DG loading process never fails.
> The data being loaded is all text - nothing esoteric.
> Does anyone have any ideas how I can find & fix the problem(s)? Or have 
> you run into this before?
> Thank you -
> Phil Davis

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