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Wed Oct 21 11:45:21 EDT 2020

I’m going to chime in, not to discredit anyone else or their comments, only to voice a reason I personally feel is far more needed and worthwhile. 

Before any of what has been suggested being carried out, as lovely as it all would be, getting the dictionary and the guide usable and accurate/up-to-date would be of greater importance. Especially for the modern and recent modifications. But even simple stuff that has been altered in tiny ways has not been touched in the guide for an age. 

My point is, there is no point in introducing and inviting new users to a product that becomes difficult to use because documentation is out of date and not matching in appearance or fiction to what is described. Sure a community can advise those ones of workarounds and correct usage. But that’s just pathetic and should be unnecessary. And you all know my opinions on workarounds. 

My ethos, fix what we have, don’t introduce more problems. 

Sean Cole
Pi Digital

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> Does anyone have a stack that plays audio podcasts?
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