Datagrid question - variable row templates

David Bovill david.bovill at
Thu Oct 15 15:07:40 EDT 2020

It’s been a while since I used data grids - so I’m wondering if there are any new aspects / tricks here that I’m missing.

I need a data grid like object to display json data / an array, in which each item has a type. So type image or type text etc. Each type should be displayed by a different equivalent of a row template.

As far as I know the data grid can’t really do this. I’ve hacked it before by creating a row template that has the ability to transfer itself - but this is quite a hack and I expect will be too slow for mobile.

Solutions sought?
My thought is that I have to create my. Own. Custom datagrid like group - which is naturally quite a lot of work. Any suggestions?

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