The iOS "Files" folder

Andrew at MidWest Coast Media andrew at
Tue Oct 13 12:19:19 EDT 2020

> It looks from the minimum documentation I have that you could do much the same with an image, but I have not tried it. 

I use this in a (now abandoned) feature of an app to take a screenshot of the mobile stack and share the image. Switched to this after mergSocial stopped working when Apple made some core OS updates. The entire MergExt suite is extremely powerful and extremely under-documented. 

put specialFolderPath("documents") & "/IndianaOnTap.png" into tFilePath
put the rect of this card into tRect
put the bottom of field "promoName" into tBottom
put item 1 of tRect & COMMA & item 2 of tRect & COMMA & item 3 of tRect & COMMA & tBottom into tExportRect
export snapshot from rect tExportRect of this card to file tFilePath as PNG
mergPopActivity "Indiana On Tap just hooked me up!",tFilePath,""

—Andrew Bell

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