Bug: jumping stack windows (when supress messages is off)

Niggemann, Bernd Bernd.Niggemann at uni-wh.de
Sun Oct 11 15:21:11 EDT 2020

Hi David,

I am sorry, I did not look at  the video.  That is quite  impressive.
I have never experienced anything like that in the IDE. (LC 9.6.1 MacOS Mojave)

Did you have a look at your plug-ins? Or have you tried to remove your preference file temporarily?

Kind regards

David Bovill via use-livecode<https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=use-livecode@lists.runrev.com&q=from:%22David+Bovill+via+use%5C-livecode%22> Sun, 11 Oct 2020 05:30:43 -0700<https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=use-livecode@lists.runrev.com&q=date:20201011>

Hi Bernd, the bug is not to do with the standard window snap. This is
unresponsive try to any mouse clicks and a big jump across half the screen
without any other windows present. Check the video to see.

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