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Sat Oct 3 07:58:43 EDT 2020

Sorry if I said Xcode 15 - just a typo, it’s actually 11.5. But the point remains the same. As I have said before, it seems that Apple are offering files as big as the Library of Babel for no logical reason. Stephen’s idea that they expect you to have a fibre connection is probably true, but odd considering that there are so many places in the world not yet offering high speed internet.

I didn’t bother to explain that in my tiny French village, the new state-sponsored optical fibre goes straight past my house, but sadly on the wrong side of the road! I have contracted with the necessary ISP, different from the one I’m using now, but after an abortive visit by a very nice technician who announced that she couldn’t solve the problem herself, they have outsourced the link from one side of the street to the other to an external contractor, with the result that the original August installation date has been pushed out to November! I have even tried to organise a bit of private work to get the cable across but the ISP will not play ball.

In practical terms, I will either hang over my Mac for a few more hours or take up the sensible suggestion of getting someone else with true broadband to do the download for me. The point of my email though was to ask if there is a way of downloading a huge file by any other method than simply swallowing the whole elephant in one go - looks like there isn’t.

Thanks all


> On 3 Oct 2020, at 13:17, Richmond via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Cripes!
> xCode 12.2. beta 2 takes up 10.5 GB of space . . . wonder what the bloat is: Tim Cook's unwashed laundry?
> On 3.10.20 11:11, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
>> This is a question for people having to use XCode to generate iOS apps. I find from responses on this list that I now need Xcode 15 to have a chance of generating for iOS 14. I would ask Apple this quesiton, but I doubt if I would get a meaningful answer:
>> I'm working deep in the French countryside with an ADSL connection - although I have enough bandwidth to stream TV programs, really long files are hard to download. Downloading Xcode - which is reported to be an 8.12GB file - at a speed of between 300 and 750 KB/sec is a nightmare. If the download speed drops below some unspecified limit, the download stops and has to be resumed in Safari, but that's not the worst of it. If I leave the download overnight, having got say 4 out of 8 Gb loaded, when look at the download folder in the morning, it only contains 14 bytes, necessitating a complete reload! There isn't even anything in the Trash. What's that about, and is there any way I can simply accumulate the download bit by bit until it's all finished?
>> If anyone has any hints, I’d be grateful. Otherwise it means spending some hours keep the download pot boiling and wrecking the rest of my day.
>> Thanks
>> Graham
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