Slightly OT: downloading Xcode

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat Oct 3 07:14:39 EDT 2020

I would suppose the "trick" is to get some else to download xCode 15 for 
you; chop it up into a series of sensibly sized ZIP files, you can then 
download each one individually, then knit them all together again on 
your machine . . .

However: I've never heard of xCode 15, and as far as I'm aware the 
latest recension of xCode is 12.2 beta 2 which requires
macOS 10.15.4 or later . . .

Over "here" in the "bloody Balkans" I am informed the download should 
take about an hour: so I have started it going: and, after my Saturday 
afternoon snooze I'll see what I can do re chopping it up into about 32 
zip files and bunging them on my Google drive or something.

Indeed: asking Apple questions is a bit like what my late Father calimed 
was his favourite activity: banging his head against the wall: why? 
Because it's great when it stops.

Watch this space in about 90 minutes.  :)


On 3.10.20 11:11, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
> This is a question for people having to use XCode to generate iOS apps. I find from responses on this list that I now need Xcode 15 to have a chance of generating for iOS 14. I would ask Apple this quesiton, but I doubt if I would get a meaningful answer:
> I'm working deep in the French countryside with an ADSL connection - although I have enough bandwidth to stream TV programs, really long files are hard to download. Downloading Xcode - which is reported to be an 8.12GB file - at a speed of between 300 and 750 KB/sec is a nightmare. If the download speed drops below some unspecified limit, the download stops and has to be resumed in Safari, but that's not the worst of it. If I leave the download overnight, having got say 4 out of 8 Gb loaded, when look at the download folder in the morning, it only contains 14 bytes, necessitating a complete reload! There isn't even anything in the Trash. What's that about, and is there any way I can simply accumulate the download bit by bit until it's all finished?
> If anyone has any hints, I’d be grateful. Otherwise it means spending some hours keep the download pot boiling and wrecking the rest of my day.
> Thanks
> Graham
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