Changing text properties in a field via the IDE

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 18 16:56:44 EDT 2020

Graham Samuel wrote:

 > I’m using LC 9.6.0 rc1 on a Mac. Just now I did something very simple
 > that didn’t work. I created a label field, opened the Property
 > Inspector for the field and changed its text - that worked. Then I
 > attempted to change the font size - that didn’t work. The appearance
 > of the label in the stack itself didn’t change, nor could I change the
 > font, make the text bold etc. I tried this again with a regular field
 > - same result. I started a new stack with just the one field - same
 > result.
 > All these values can be changed by script, in the Message Box or
 > elsewhere, but I can’t make them in the IDE by changing values in the
 > Property Inspector.
 > What am I doing wrong?

Text attributes can be set in the field, and the field properties can be 
overridden by a text run within the field.

When changing field properties doesn't change what you see, try 
selecting the text within the field and changing that.

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