Recommended (simple) Linux distro for Livecode server home dev/test?

John McKenzie davros at
Sun May 10 11:49:36 EDT 2020

 Hello, Kieth.

 My health problems have kept me from really participating on the list
for a long time but I stayed as I want to get back to using Livecode at
some point. Your question about linux distros for server use on old
hardware though is something I can comment on.

 Sorry I did not post this earlier before you more or less made a
decision. At first I though the suggestions made were terrible because
you said it was old hardware. Then I realized the problem is I am old
and the others who responded were not picturing machines from the mid
1990's unlike me.

 I would go along with the suggestions made, especially the Lubuntu one
assuming your hardware can handle it. If it cannot please post a
follow up with an idea of how old your hardware is and I will make some
specific recommendations. Let us hope your machine is not so old we
start talking about Slackware installations but if we do I will get you
some help with it. :-)

 The best way to make Ubuntu more efficient is to use a desktop
environment (DE) that is less fancy and therefore less resource
intensive. (Any flavour of Ubuntu can make use of any DE just by
installing some extra software packages. Keep that in mind if you for
some reason need to change the DE.)

 We could make the system even more efficient by starting with a base
Debian install and building it up piece by piece to what you need.
(Ubuntu is Debian based by the way.) Not as newbie friendly as
installing Lubuntu but not hard either. Just something I am throwing
out there as a backup plan. We can discuss it if you need it, but you
will probably be OK with trying Lubuntu, etc.

 Good luck. Post a follow up if your hardware cannot handle the initial
suggestions and we discuss other options.

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