Terminal command for fixing Icon images not displaying properly in Mac OS X catalina

Martin Koob mkoob at rogers.com
Wed Mar 25 15:38:01 EDT 2020


I saw a discussion earlier on this list or the forums about an issue I was having with Catalina.

Icons that appeared fine on earlier versions of Mac OS X now appeared black on Catalina.

The solution posted was a simple terminal command that would strip  the “something” from the image files which was causing the problem.

At the time I made a note of it I thought but now I can’t find it.   I have searched the list and the forums and the web I can’t find a post about this.

I can’t. remember the terminal command (something simple like ‘remove’)  nor the “something” that was removed so my searches are pretty general and not finding anything.

Does anyone else remember this?



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