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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Mar 25 15:07:14 EDT 2020

Bill Prothero wrote:
 > Richard and Sean,
 > Good ideas. I had considered deploying it as a standalone that has
 > sections that udate from a server, but worried that the new security
 > requirements from Apple, in particular, discouraged (prohibited?)
 > downloading code. Is that not true?

Is this desktop or mobile?

Just curious, really. In either case, downloading scripts is quite 
different from downloading executable object code.  Any sandboxing for 
the app is done to the LC engine - swap out scripts all you like and you 
can't alter what the user has allowed the standalone engine to do.

I think Apple's main concern would be an app that presents itself as one 
thing and later morphs into something else.

But if we use downloads responsibly, scripts are really just another 
form of data, much like spreadsheet formulas. I can't see a reason Apple 
or anyone else would have an issue with an app downloading data, and I 
know a good many devs using a wide range of scripting tools that update 

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