Philosophical questions about the fontNames

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Mar 12 15:01:10 EDT 2020

On 3/12/2020 12:22 PM, hh via use-livecode wrote:
> Indeed, the current implementation of
> (Default),(Menu),(Message),(Styled Text),(System),(Text),(Tooltip)
> is not very useful.
> For example (System) at size 13 on MacOS 10.15 is on Windows 10
> at about (System) at size 12. So one needs nevertheless a platform
> switch.

I *do* find that cross-platform UI design and implementation to still be 
the hardest thing to do in LiveCode (on a relative scale of course, 
since LiveCode overall is easy)

I would just like to be able to say in a preferences box for my app that 
I am deploying to this platform and that platform and have the LiveCode 
IDE or engine (or both) figure out what fonts and what sizes everything 
should be to comply with the ever changing OS vendor HIGs!

I constantly run into things like we make a button with a label that 
fits on one platform and then on another the label is too long or a 
filed is sized to display x lines on this platform  but on that platform 
the line sizes are different! Grrrr! It really is infuriating at times. 
I would love the IDE to help, even by things like showing a bounding box 
for a button label that takes all platforms checked in the standalone 
setting into account. Fit Width seems to be platform specific.

(And yes, I know that is just shifting a huge burden from me to LiveCode).

Sorry, just using this thread to rant about UI building woes.

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