LivecodeServer for ARM Cortex-A7 (Richard Gaskin)

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Thu Mar 5 15:37:54 EST 2020

Hi Richard,


Thanks  a lot for your rapid response.


I have some glitches with our email server spam system, so I'm checking the
email list on the web page.


I downloaded the Raspberry Pi source code last week, but I got the same
error. I think that's because Raspberry Pi runs on a different Arm processor


The regular raspberry pi installer doesn't work, because  I don't have
graphical environment installed on the device. In fact, I just need the
Livecode Server version.


I think it could be a great thing to have a Livecode Server version for ARM
devices. It could be a killer language programing for IOT.

It is easy, and less clunky than Python and C, C++ . It could also be a very
good language for displaying data from different sensors using an embedded
apache web server on the devices.







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Heriberto Torrado wrote:


> I tried several times to cross-compile livecode server community

> edition from the github repository on an Allwinner H3 processor device

> (sun8iw7p1 ARM Cortex-A7) FriendElec Nano pi Plus M1.


> All times I tried it I got this error: Unknow platform.


Are you using the code base for the Raspbery Pi?


AFAIK it hasn't been touched since v7.0.4, but unless you need specific 

newer features it shouldn't (fingers crossed) be that hard to compile 

for your ARM device.


But you may not need to compile it.  Have you tried the compiled build 

from the Downloads page?:


It has a few serious problems trying to run it in a GUI, but on a 

faceless server I've had good luck with it both under Raspbian and 

Ubuntu Core.



Richard Gaskin

Fourth World Systems

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