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On Wed, 4 Mar 2020 at 20:39, Mike Kerner wrote:

 >> is anyone using anything besides mergGoogle to work with google
 >> sheets? care to share, if you are?

Useful for Anyone to Know:
I've raved about Nextcloud here enough that I'll bet Mark Wieder's tired 
of it <g>, so I'll try to not let me enthusiasm run away with me - I 
could go on about Nextcloud for way more than anyone wants to read.

It's like a blend of Dropbox, Google Docs, and more than a hundred 
add-on apps for everything from a kanban tool to media streaming to 
videoconferencing - all free and open source:

I use one internallt, to sync my LiveCode plugins folder across my 
machines, as well as some client projects.  And I use another externally 
as a client portal where we share files, a kanban board, etc.

If you can set up an Apache Server under Ubuntu on a VPS, adding 
Nextcloud is as easy as a one-line Snap call.

If you're not yet comfortable wrangling servers, there are many 
companies offering hosting listed at the site.

Nextcloud's file repository is a WebDAV server, which makes it a perfect 
compliment to something that showed up in our community just the other day:

Extremely Useful for LiveCode Developers to Know:
A frequent forum contributor, "bangkok", has posted a super-cool demo of 
a library from Matthias Rebbe for WebDAV client functionality:

     You can :
     -upload a file
     -download a file
     -create a folder
     -delete a folder/file
     -list the content of a folder (method PROPFIND)

You could use this on any WebDAV server, Such as, say, Nextcloud. :)

I've tested the script on both Nextcloud servers I manage - works a 
treat.  Thank you bangkok amd Matthias Rebbe!

In your case, Mike, your data could even be a simple tab-delimited file, 
stored and retrieved using WebDAV.

I'm building out most of my back-office tools around Nextcloud's WebDAV 
as a shared data store.

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