LCB widget "BioRhythm" v1.0.0

hh hh at
Tue Mar 3 15:47:26 EST 2020

The widget computes BioRhythm-Curves (sinus curves with different
periods of days).

The 7 names and their periods are: physical 23, emotional 28,
intellectual 33, spiritual 53, awareness 48, aesthetic 43,
intuition 38. Moreover you can have a weighted mean of the
included of these 7 curves.

Display the values (in range -100 to 100) as graph or as table.

Some may find this widget to be "esoteric". A main reason I made
it was to show a smooth display of curves (that is not possible
in LC Script) and to exercise the display of a table.

Read more, download the widget and a sample stack from
(server loc EU)
(server loc US)

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