Powerpoint to LiveCode

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Tue Mar 3 08:14:45 EST 2020

On 3/2/2020 4:04 PM, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> Out of curiosity, has anyone created a library that will import  - the 
> parts of a Powerpoint presentation that can be recreated in Livecode 
> -  into a LiveCode stack?
> Of course .pptx files are actuall just ZIP archives with assorted XML 
> files inside, while there is a path to importing .pptx files, it is 
> not simple. Use revZIP to open the .pptx file, use revXML (or your 
> howm grown xml parser) to extract the XML for each slide (each a 
> separate file in the archive) and rectreate those slide elements 
> support in LiveCode.
> So, I know HOW to do it.
> I am asking if any one has already built such a library (or even 
> started it)?

I should preemptively add that I am not looking for the slides to be 
imported as images. The whole purpose of parsing the pptx file's XML is 
to convert the presentation into LiveCode elements (imported objects 
like 'image' for any art work, 'graphic' for all line drawing, and 
'field' for any text, so that the LC object are then manipulable in LC.

The work is not in revZip - I've worked with it a lot. And, as Richard 
said, the work is not with revXML - I've used that a lot too and it work 
very nicely for parsing XML quickly.

The work is entirely in mapping those Microsoft XML for Powerpoint 
elements that can be mapped to corresponding  LC elements and mapping 
all the properties (colors, sizes, etc.) and coding those mapping.

A lot of Microsoft stuff can be thrown away. I don't need it as a 
presentation, just the information in the file. So transitions, effects, 
presentation timings, etc, can all be ignored.

I hate reinventing the wheel. Which is why I was asking if anyone out 
there may have done such a library or even started such a library. I 
would rather build on something existing. It you have such a library and 
do not want to give it away, I'd like to discuss possible licensing. If 
you have such a library but it is only partially complete, I'd like to 
discuss a collaboration.

However, if nothing has been started or no library exists, I'll just do 
it in-house, if we go ahead and do a library at all..

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