AR in LiveCode Browser?

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Mon Jun 29 21:16:37 EDT 2020

The LiveCode browser uses Chromium. Chrome does not support AR usdz files.
This seems to be an Apple iOS 12+ only format. When looking for LC Browser
compatibility try URLs in Chrome. If the link works in Chrome 99.9% of the
time it works in the LC browser widget. There's no obstacle stopping it from
being implemented in Chrome(therefore Android) but I guess there's some
licensing issues(money).

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I am trying to display and use an AR object in a webpage in a LiveCode
browser.   It don't work!    Feels like the LC browser (native or widget)
doesn't have access to the native AR features.   For example, if I open this
URL in Safari, it works great!   If I open
it in a LC browser, it doesn't launch AR.   Is the a limitation of LC?   Or
do I have to flip a switch somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

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