Create expanding field editor in LiveCode 9.6

Martin Koob mkoob at
Sun Jun 21 15:58:49 EDT 2020


I am trying to create a data grid where the height of the row expands as the user types in the row and adds new lines.  

I have managed to have the data grid row resize when the data is loaded  or the data is refreshed with the following handler
in the behaviour script for the row.

on LayoutControl pControlRect, pWorkingRect

## Expand field to fill in available width

put the rect of field "Comments" of me into tVariableHeightTextFieldRect

put item 3 of pControlRect -5 into item 3 of tVariableHeightTextFieldRect

set the rect of field "JudgesComments" of me to tVariableHeightTextFieldRect

## Resize field height to fit content

put item 2 of tVariableHeightTextFieldRect + the formattedheight of field "Comments" of me \

into item 4 of tVariableHeightTextFieldRect

set the rect of field "Comments" of me to tVariableHeightTextFieldRect

## Update the bounding rect to match total height

## that you want this row to have

put item 4 of tVariableHeightTextFieldRect into item 4 of pControlRect

## Resize Row to take in text field height

set the rect of graphic "Background" of me to pControlRect

end LayoutControl

Using this when I set the dgData of the DataGrid the row height is set based on the formatted height of the “comments” field.

However this does not work dynamically while typing.

I found an answer to this question on stack overflow by LiveCode’s own Monte Goulding. <>

However I wasn’t sure if this still works given that it says to copy the script of the field editor behaviour button from the revDataGridLibrary stack.

In LiveCode 9.6 there isn't a revDataGridLibrary stack with a field editor behavior button. In LiveCode version 8 the IDE started to be refactored with the behaviour buttons on binary stacks changed to script only stacks.

Now, I see there is a script only stack "RevDataGridLibraryBehaviorsFieldEditorButtonBehavior".

So instead of copying the button I created a new button on the card with the row template and copied the script from the script only stack with the Field editor Button’s  b ehaviour to it and then added the code above to that button's script.

I then commented out the changes that I made to the layoutControl handler above to make sure that didn’t interfere with Monte’s solution.

That did not work.   

Monte’s solutions talks about a field editor being created and used while editing the text.   Is this still done in LiveCode 9.6?

If anyone has any suggestions of how to resized a row dynamically while user adds lines to a field that would be great.

Also I am trying to update the dgData of the DataGrid and add the new data typed by the user, but I can’t get that working either.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Martin Koob

BTW I don’t understand how Stack Overflow works.   I posted this question in response to Monte’s answer and it got deleted. "This post is hidden. It was deleted 3 hours ago by Bhargav Rao♦”.  I thought it was a legitimate question relating to the answer,  basically ‘has this answer changed given a new OS?",   I even provided a link to an article by Mark W explaining the change in the move to Script only Stacks in the IDE. I find it a very unfriendly place.   So back here to the friendly environment of the use-livecode list.


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