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Tue Jun 16 12:42:24 EDT 2020

I don’t hate it but it can be a little frustrating and awkward. It’s still better than it was in v8 and than the application manager. It desperately needs a refresh button. And layering needs a rethink/overhaul. V10 maybe. 

Looking at the bug list there are heaps for PB that have/will not be addressed. Confirmed is as far as most of them get. 

Bug 18818 is the most relevant to my symptoms. Reported in Nov 2016. Bumped in Mar 2018. Not touched since. I suppose we have to keep bumping these if we want them looked in to or they just end up getting lost in the forest of bugs that get added and not addressed beyond ‘Confirmed’. 

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> Mark mumbled,
>> Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the Project Browser?
> I still find it far too painful to use.   
> A couple of times a year to work around another bug or crash situation, but that’s it.
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