SHELL command works in Terminal but not via SHELL in LC

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Wed Jun 3 07:43:42 EDT 2020

Hi Mark and Ludovic,

thank you, will pass this info to my customer!

> Yes - when you launch an app from Finder it has a minimal set of environment variables.
> Moreover, Terminal will run scripts when a session is started which can add to them (I suspect homebrew adds something to .bashrc or similar which sets up the PATH appropriately).
> You can easily see what the differences are though by using the 'export' shell command...
> If you run 'export' from Terminal it will give you the list of all environment variables; then if you do 'answer shell("export")' in LC you will see what ones are defined there - its then a simple case of 'spot the difference' :)
> Hope this helps!
> Mark.

> ...
> Yes, you need to set the PATH like :
> if "/usr/local/bin" is not in $PATH then put "/usr/local/bin:" before $PATH
> But with the path of ffmepg.



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