breakpoint causes 3 second delay then exit to top

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Fri Jul 17 07:52:28 EDT 2020

 This is mystifying in so many ways.  I've seen this a few times and I'm at
a loss to explain it. It's LC 9.5.1 on Windows 10.

I have a simple conditional, where I want to stop execution and debug some
following actions. Here's the code:


  *if* "15474" is in tControlLongId *then*

   *put* the long time && tControlLongId


  *end* *if*

*catch* tErr

  *put* "error:" && tErr

*end* *try*

*When the code gets to the above breakpoint, the debugger exits to top. It
takes about 3 seconds with the debugger sitting at the breakpoint before
the engine exits to top.*

* A long id containing "15474" is put into the message box. *

*If I comment out that condition, then the code runs to completion.  *

*The Catch clause never catches any error.*

* If I try to use a red breakpoint in the gutter, the debugger exits to top
(again, after the IDE has sat at the breakpoint for about 3  seconds). *

*So the condition triggers.  The variable has the tested value. The value
of that variable can be expressed.  But it looks like the very act of
invoking the debugger causes the code to fail, and in a way where even a
try/catch block cannot intercept.*

*Mystifying. And a significant bug IMO, rendering interactive debugging

*Kind regards, Bernard *

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