Congrats to everyone on success of the Covid-19 -- LiveCode Impact Fund Campaign.

Martin Koob mkoob at
Thu Jul 16 13:20:49 EDT 2020


Another successful campaign — 100% funded.   Congrats to Kevin and all the folks at LiveCode and thanks to all the fellow members of the community who chipped in to reach the goal.

We always seem to make it at the end of these campaigns..  It is like and auction and it seems there are a number of people who stand at the sidelines till the last few days and then the serious bidding starts, people get excited and may end up buying a thing or two they hadn’t intended to to see it go over the edge.  Always an interesting phenomenon to watch from this side.  I wonder if this is unique to the LiveCode community.   It would be an interesting study for some graduate student in business or psychology.

Martin Koob

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