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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 8 01:30:22 EDT 2020

Tom Glod wrote:

 > I feel like nothing out there, LC related, feels like its maintained
 > of kept up to date.

True dat, though there are a few.

LiveCode Journal has been fallow too long for a couple reasons: it's a 
lot of work to keep fresh content flowing, and ultimately I found that 
content needs management and much more, so I've been making tools for 
that. My hope is that the tools will allow me to kick out content more 
prolifically, but the tools themselves require 	quite a bit of time 
before that happens.

 > Livecode themselves don't really have much of a social presence.

They have no content strategy that's evident.  That's too bad. it works. 
  Content strategy is pretty much how companies grow in the 21st century.

 > So for new developers, it all just seems 'stale'.
 > A modern, maintained site with up to date content would very easily
 > become one of the top results for those searching for livecode. (I
 > could be wrong)

Yes, to fresh content - but need it be in one domain?

Is the goal to create a new funnel that goes through all the steps to 
bring people into a new place...

- or -

...could the content be delivered to where people already are?

An article at LinkedIn can be promoted in groups and forums, but being 
at LinkedIn will be seen by more people more quickly than you could 
expect through organic search engine traffic.

Even better, search engine traffic only applies when the searcher 
happens to be searching for phrases that a given domain ranks high for.

But in existing sharing networks like LinkedIn, people can discover 
things they might never have thought to search for.

The mother ship itself is also a good venue:

LC Ltd loves guest content in their blog, and additions to the Lessons 
and docs.  The nice thing about making contributions with the core 
project is they keep the highest-possible-ranking site looking fresh, 
while also reducing work for the author.

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