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2 ideas here. 1) Don't reload the URL. It should still be displayed. 2)
Delete and recreate the widget.
Just spit balling, throwing darts, guessing...

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> On 1/20/20 2:41 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
>> I can't load a local html file into a brwoser widget on iOS:
>> set the url of widget "browser" to "file://" &
>> specialFolderPath("documents") & "/folder/myFile.html#1234"
>> I've tried "file:" with no slashes, one or two slashes, and omitting 
>> the "file:" designation entirely. The above works fine on Mac and 
>> Android (though it produces three slashes in the final URL.)
> An update on this. The first time I load a URL it works. All 
> subsequent URLs with the same structure fail. Setting the URL of the 
> widget to empty and then setting the URL to the new one still fails.

More info: It doesn't seem to be my URLs. First time after reloading the app
the URL works. But if I go to another card and then back again by linking to
the same, identical URL it fails. That tells me that the widget itself
doesn't want to update its own URL setting. I get a blank browser widget
with no text.

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